Where You Can Find Cardboard Boxes To Move (#1 Free Cardboard boxes)

Looking for boxes to move? Well, you’ve come to the right page. We shall let you know where to find boxes to move and much more. Almost everyone moves at some point – when changing residence, after buying a new house, or because of other reasons. The way to move valuables from one place to the other is a key consideration when planning to move.

Your valuables need to move in boxes to guarantee their safety. When you think about moving, one of the things that come to mind is packing. Before you even begin to park, you need to know where to find cardboard boxes to move.

Based on your requirements and needs, you can choose from several options to find the best moving boxes. The first thing you need to determine is whether the packing boxes you choose fit within your budget. You also need to decide the material the boxes will be made of – plastic or paper. Think about whether you are planning to hire a moving boxes rental service.

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But worry not because we have done the hectic research work for you. We will show you the places you can find or buy moving boxes. Also, read on to know where to acquire used and new relation boxes around Australia. Once you know what suits your needs and where to get moving boxes, you will soon be through with packing and leave for your new home. 

Free Boxes To Move

Who would want to pay for packing boxes? Sometimes, the need to relocate comes abruptly such that you haven’t planned and budgeted for it. Other times, you may want to save some money in the process of moving. When relocating, you might discover that moving boxes’ cost doesn’t fit well into your budget. It would be wise to look for free boxes for moving in such cases, wondering where to get free moving boxes?

Ask local retailers

Local retailers and supermarkets can be very helpful when it comes to finding free boxes for moving to Sydney. These establishments usually get stock every week. Their products come in boxes of all sizes and types. Besides, some like supermarkets buy goods in large quantities. They also sell their products fast.

In the end, they are left with lots of cardboard boxes. Most retailers and supermarkets give away these boxes to people who may use them in one way or another. Thus, this is a great opportunity to get free cardboard boxes. There are many shops you can ask for free moving boxes in Melbourne or across Sydney.

You only need to ensure you get the right sizes to fit your valuables. Getting several bigger cardboard boxes for moving your things is much preferable. That way, you don’t have to carry lots of cardboard moving boxes. Thus, looking for free moving boxes from your local retailer or supermarket is a sure bet!

You simply ask the customer service stall or manager if they have empty boxes they can offer for free. Since giving you these boxes at zero cost is a great favor they do to you, you should always understand and be polite when they turn down your request.  But in most cases, they will give away the boxes as they mostly occupy space that can be used for other purposes. Here are several tips for selecting boxes for moving.

  • Do not go for free moving boxes, which have been used to store fresh produce:

This is because such boxes are less durable from taking in moisture.

Ask the manager or the customer service staff for a visit:

Inventories mainly depend on the shipment schedules. So ensure to know the right time to visit so that you find what you want. Also, you don’t want to visit when everyone is very busy to attend to you.

  • You can get larger boxes from electronic retailers:

Using a few larger boxes is a good idea not to carry so many boxes that might give your movers a hard time relocating. Besides, your valuables are more secure when handled or kept together. These retailers deal with fridges, cookers, and other large appliances. Hence, you will have a good selection of bigger boxes to move your appliances or other valuables.

  • You can have better packing with uniform boxes: 

Ask the retailer whether they can get boxes of the same sizes. Such boxes will do the packing and moving much easier.

You can Search on Gumtree

You can check Gumtree for moving cardboard boxes periodically if you are planning ahead. Many Australians who are environmentally conscious most often provide their cardboard boxes for free after the move. They opt to do this rather than binning them. You can try to search for “cardboard moving boxes Melbourne” or “cardboard moving boxes Sydney.” You might be lucky and get boxes for moving free.

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As you search for moving companies, inquire whether they come with moving boxes. Because of competition, companies are offering discounts or extra services to attract more customers. Besides, they are doing so to meet the needs of their clients fully. Look out for a moving service that offers a discount or provides/ extra services, such as supplying moving boxes.

Where To Purchase Moving Boxes

If you chose to buy cardboard boxes instead of going for free boxes, you’ve got covered by most storage companies and larger removalists. For example, Kents and Allied Pickfords have their own branded boxes for moving their customers’ valuables.

If you are specifically interested in moving boxes Sydney, the National Storage provides listings of locations that can be very helpful. You can either pick boxes from their near locations or buy them online for $20.00 with free shipping. After moving, they will buy back the boxes; therefore, you can easily recoup part of your moving expenses.

Trem Clean cardboard boxes

The great thing about cardboard boxes is that they are recyclable. But only a few used boxes can be found out there. They quickly lose their form and shape, particularly after carrying a heavy load during move.

Here are things you should know before buying cardboard boxes.

  • Buy in bulk to get a significant discount
  • For better toughness, select corrugated cardboard boxes
  • Ask your removalists to offer some concession on packing materials

Where One Can Hire Boxes For Moving

If you prefer not to buy moving boxes, hiring a box moving firm is a reliable substitute. This is a hassle-free option as you are supplied with boxes. Besides, a hire service relieves you from looking for and purchasing moving boxes. 

How it works

A good moving box rental company offers two services, in which the one is the hiring out of cardboard moving boxes and, of course, the delivery and collection. Here’s a super-simple breakdown of how actually the service works.

where to get free moving boxes

Moving box rental companies hire out boxes as well as their delivery and picking. Here is how their service functions

  1. A customer places a moving order
  2. The company delivers moving boxes
  3. The customer does the packing, then moves and unpacks 
  4. The company picks its boxes

Wrapping up

Finding boxes to move is based mainly on your preferences and needs. You can either opt to go for the free moving boxes or choose to purchase cardboard moving boxes from storage companies or removalists. Alternatively, you can choose to hire moving boxes from box rental companies. There is no right way to go about it. Just assess your needs and budget for the entire moving process and choose the option that works best for you.

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