My dog ​​had a fight with another dog. How can I treat the bites?

Dog fight

Dogs are not always tender among themselves, and their fights can lead to more or less serious bite injuries. When a dog has fought with one of his congeners, the owner should not wait to treat him and take him to the veterinarian. Let’s see what risks canine fights can entail, the symptoms to watch out for, and the best solutions to treat the injured dog.

Even a small bite can be serious

dog bit

Some bites appear shallow. This does not mean that they are trivial. When your dog has fought with another dog, you should not wait to clean and disinfect the wound. The installation of a muzzle is more than necessary in this case because the dog – even gentle as a lamb – may rebel during care.

Superficial bite

agressive dog

It is a clearly demarcated, shallow wound. It is cleaned with a lint-free gauze and physiological saline to remove all the dirt. Then proceed to disinfection by diluting 9 volumes of water for 1 volume of Betadine, and the dilution is carefully poured over the wound and the fang marks. 

Alcohol should be banned because it stings. The dog, therefore, risks not agreeing to be treated.

After disinfection, a ventilated bandage can be placed on the wound and maintained by a not too tight band. Repeat the operation on the following days, morning and evening, by proceeding as follows:

  • Removal of the dressing,
  • Wound Check,
  • Cleaning,
  • Disinfection,
  • Applying a clean bandage and bandage.

Even if the bite is only superficial, it is best to make an appointment with the vet so that he can make an inventory and make the necessary arrangements.

Deep bite

dog barking

Following a deep bite, the flesh may be torn off. To prevent the dog’s hair from sticking to the wound, it is best to carefully shave it before you start cleaning the wound, the same as with a shallow bite, as we saw earlier.

It is then necessary to disinfect this consequent wound either with Betadine or with Hexomedine and sterile compresses that do not contain fluff. 

We obviously avoid cotton wool, which leaves fibers in wounds. Disinfection concerns the injured area and its entire periphery because the risk of microbial contamination must be limited.

The wound can be protected with a bandage while waiting to take the dog to the office or clinic the same day. Following a fight between dogs, a bite resulting in one or more deep wounds warrants an emergency consultation.

The signs that should alert

dog fighting

After a fight between dogs, it is essential to monitor your animal’s condition for several days. At the slightest worrying symptom, the dog should be taken to the veterinarian. The signs of gravity are:

  • A wound that oozes,
  • The bitten area turns red,
  • The dog has a fever (body temperature above 39 ° C),
  • The behavior of the animal changes,
  • The bitten dog expresses its suffering through grunts or moans.

Consult a veterinarian

treating Dog wound

Regardless of the size of the bite, the injured dog should be auscultated. A vet can give an antibiotic treatment or a painkiller if the wound is deep.

Finally, if the animal is not up to date with its vaccinations, the veterinarian will administer a vaccine against rabies or anti-rabies.

The antibiotics are essential to protect the dog against any risk of infection, even if the bite seems harmless. 

Let us not forget that a dog’s mouth contains all kinds of germs that develop very quickly in an environment deprived of oxygen since they are very infectious anaerobic microorganisms. There is a risk of witnessing tissue destruction in the event of injury.

The danger is even greater if the dog has been bitten by a mastiff whose jaws are strong enough for its fangs to dig deep into flesh, a muscle, or a joint.

Simultaneously, the owner must report the incident to the competent authorities if a stray dog has bitten his little companion.

Bites between dogs: how to prevent them?

clean Dog wound

There is only one solution to prevent your dog from fighting with another dog: do not let him go out alone. This is not always easy because many dogs regularly offer escapades without the knowledge of their owner. They are more likely than others to be bitten during a fight with a dog or bitch.

You must prevent your dog from escaping from the garden. Fencing the property and checking from time to time that the little wanderer has not dug a hole to get under the fence is recommended.

The best results are still obtained with obedient dogs. Therefore, it is useful to train your dog so that he returns as soon as his master calls him back. Knowing how to be obeyed can prevent your animal from being injured.

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