Over and beyond standard cleaning service, our cleaners understands that every individual, Aged Care or business/commercial environment has a unique set of operating conditions. To help us serve you better and meet your cleaning goals, during our first visit we will endeavor to understand what your cleaning goals are. We also take into consideration any potential challenging  issues in your home or premises in relation to the cleaning service. After the first meeting, we will provide an affordable and  hassle free cleaning solution that will work for you. Our focus is to ensure that you have tailored cleaning solution that respects your care choices and needs.


When it comes  to aged care hygiene, there is no guess work or room for errors as we understand  that  this can directly affect your reputation. This is the reason that we ensure that all our cleaners are fully trained, insured,police checked and five star rated. Trem Clean has a very stringent screening quality assurance and quality control procedures and all cleaners are expected to adhere to these. The hygiene of your facility is paramount (we don’t tolerate any cleaning error). That is why we use high calibre cleaners in order to meet our stringent standard. Trem Clean has a reputation for hiring only the best age Care cleaners who apply for a job.





Trem Clean understands that aged Care cleaning requires more than just leaving the facility or premises in Preston condition after each visit. Simply been a good or excellent cleaner is not enough, everyone, especially our elders deserve to be treated with respect. It is a requirement that our designated cleaners must be able to demonstrate respectful Attitude,compassionate, kindness,discretion and be  able to speak fluent English language.



Our  Services

All our cleaners trained and regularly updated with ongoing training so that they can continually demonstrate proven attention to details when performing cleaning duties:

  • Regular Cleaning
  • Exit Cleaning, Spring
  • Cleaning Window
  • Cleaning, High
  • Pressure Cleaning,
  • Common Ground
  • Cleaning, Carpark
  • Cleaning and  sanitary bin services.



Affordable Cleaning

If you are looking for an affordable, trusted and reliable Cleaning service or an alternative from your current cleaners do not hesitate to contact Trem Clean. We offer the most affordable value for money, you won’t find any better. Trem Clean is a  cleaning service that actually delivers what is promised, you can stake your reputation on our cleaning service as we guarantee 100% satisfaction.

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