Griffin is a growing suburb located just 24 km North of Brisbane and is apart of the Moreton Bay Region. At the last census date in 2016, Griffin had a population of 6839 persons and 2271 homes. With 40% of Griffins families working greater than 40 Hours a week that needs a house cleaning in Griffin is so essential.

Trem Clean

That is where we come in. Trem Clean is a cleaning company that stands out from the rest. Why? The answer is simple; we offer all our clients not only great high quality, top end cleaning services but also understanding. We know that your home is your sanctuary, a place for you to get away from the hustle and stress of your working week. However, you want it cleaned the way you want it and not the way some stranger says it should be cleaned. At Trem Clean, our staff listen to your Your needs and desires and partner with you to get your home sparkling clean just the way you want it.

Benefit of Chosing Trem Clean

Satisfaction Guaranteed
All cleaners have police clearance and rigorously vetted
Hassle free Booking
Quality First
English Speaking Staff
Same Cleaner you know & love every time
If you become recurring customers you will get discounts of up to 20%.

Our Values

At Trem Clean, our values are understanding, hard work, honesty, integrity and above all passion and determination to exceed our client’s expectations. It is with these underpinning values that every one of our cleaners enters a home to not only clean but transforms it.


Allowing a stranger into your sanctuary can be a stressful and worrying for many people. We understand this and are committed to ensuring the safety of your home. When you choose Trem Clean, you can be assured that your cleaner has been thoroughly policed checked, is experienced and personally trained to meet the high Trem Clean cleaning standards.
Each cleaner also has there own ABN and public liability insurance.

If you want hassle free cleaning service in Griffin you ask for a free quote now.

house cleaning in griffin
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