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Ipswich is located approximately 43min southwest of the Brisbane CBD and comprises several districts. It was first established in 1827 though it did not take off as a community until 1842. Today Ipswich has grown and now has a population of around 229,845 and covers a total landmass of about 1096 square metres.

Ipswich residents like the community spirit. Ipswich city’s proximity to Parks, Shopping Centres, and Public Transport is another attraction for many residents. Another great thing about this city that residents like is its affordability. Houses in Ipswich are below the median house price in Queensland, and with a variety of housing ripe for renovation, it makes Ipswich the perfect area to invest and live.

Ipswich has three large shopping Centres located in the region. The Riverlink Shopping Centre is located along the Bremer River just north of the Ipswich CBD. Ipswich Central Mall is located in the heart of the
Centre on Nicholas St, and lastly, the Winston Glades Shopping Centre is a local neighborhood Centre located on Ash Street in Flinders View.

For the residents of Ipswich, there is ample public transport allowing easy access around Ipswich and to Brisbane City. Options include bus, train, taxi, and uber. Dotted throughout Ipswich are the many bus stops, with 19 located in the Ipswich Centre directly. Ipswich has two train stations allowing residents to connect to other local areas like Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The Ipswich Train Station is located on Bell St, in the East.

Ipswich Train Station is located near Merton St in East Ipswich and services East Ipswich residents.
Servicing the local school children of Ipswich are six State Primary schools and two State High Schools. In addition, six private schools target either Primary or Secondary students.

Our Cleaners in Ipswich

Our cleaners in Ipswich are delighted as the locals are very proud of the outcome of our cleaning service. Word of mouth in the community is excellent, and we are happy to keep it that way. Our cleaning service is complete only when the locals are 100% satisfied. As a result, this is why we only send trained and experienced cleaners to your home as we have a standard to keep. Some of our cleaning services in Ipswich are; one-off clean, weekly cleaning, Fortnightly cleaning, spring cleaning, exit clean, bond clean, end of lease cleaning, housekeeping services, office cleaning, window cleaning, special oven cleaning, customized cleaning, and general cleaning.

Trained Cleaners In Ipswich

In order to to have a consistent and excellent cleaning outcome, ongoing training is essential, and our cleaners know this. We continue to provide feedback to all our cleaners as learning never stops. We use the best cleaning products and equipment so that we can have exceptional results. We understand what it takes to clean a home. And this is the reason we can guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Also, we pay our cleaners very well. Cleaning is challenging and is not for the faint-hearted. We believe happy cleaners will lead to fantastic cleaning service. Our desire is for you to continue to have a tremendous cleaning experience and for this reason we compensate our cleaners very well and they are aware of this. We consider our cleaning Team as one big family, and we intend to keep it that way.

Customer Service

It is one thing to have a fantastic and excellent cleaning experience; if there is poor customer service, the experience will not be complete. We are very grateful to all our customer care team who are super friendly. They have learned to listen and not talk over any of our clients. To work with Trem Clean, Politeness is a must, and we don’t tolerate anyone that is rude as it will always lead to a bad experience.

Affordable Cleaning Service

Our cleaning rate is very competitive. We offer top to bottom premium cleaning services all over Ipswich and Brisbane suburbs at an affordable price. We believe that you can get the best cleaning service without breaking the bank. We believe in making cleaning services affordable and, this is why you should try a free quote from Trem Clean, and you will be surprised how cheap it is. Many house cleaning agency charges per job, which sometimes fluctuates and not stable. Imagine been charged one quote at the beginning of the cleaning process, and at the completion, the price changes again. We charge a flat rate per hour; that way, you don’t overpay.

Why our customers love Trem Clean

Our home cleaners in Ipswich understand that hiring a maid service is a big decision, and that is why

  • All cleaners have a police certificate
  • Background Check
  • Trustworthy
  • ABN
  • Insured

Our cleaners are trained, experienced, and vetted before working with Trem  Clean. 


Our cleaners in Ipswich know that we provide full support for them. We understand that a happy cleaner will do an excellent job. We don’t expect our cleaners in Ipswich to do it all alone; we are with them all the way. They understand that they can always call in at any time for any assistance or help they need. If you want a spotless home today, a reliable cleaner, and an affordable clean, call Trem clean now. 

If you want a cleaning team that will demonstrate absolute genuine regards for your property and home, then make Trem Clean your preferred choice today.

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Experience the Best House Cleaners in Ipswich, Queensland

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We have been known in the community to achieve outstanding cleaning results consistently. Beyond having a 100% dedication to cleaning service, sometimes it is not enough if you want a consistent outcome. We have a step by step cleaning process that we apply to every cleaning process to have consistent results.

House Cleaning Bondi


All our house cleaning services in Ipswich are premium quality but at an affordable price. Many people want to clean their houses, but they can't afford the high price tag, especially for a very high quality clean, the type offered by Trem Clean. You can check out our quote, and you will be surprised how affordable it is and what you will get compared to the high priced poor service you have received in the past.

House Cleaning Bondi

Experienced Cleaners

Experience is essential to keep our customers happy, and you can see this in the outstanding cleaning results. Will you like to hire a novice mechanic to service your car? The same applies to cleaning your home and property. When you let cleaners into your house, you want to make sure that they know what they are doing, and that comes from experience and proper training.

Why Our Top Rated Cleaners In Ipswich Are Different From Others

English Speaking maids

100% satisfaction guarantee

Cleaners always go the extra mile

We provide all our cleaning products

Our  aim is exceptional quality outcome

Cleaning Service that genuinely care

 Dedicated House Cleaning maids

  Honest and Trustworthy Cleaners

  Background Checked cleaning maids

  Insured and experienced cleaners

 We are committed to safety

Our cleaners are proactive

What We Do Best

Domestic Cleaning Service We offer

Regular Home Cleaning

All our regular domestic home Cleaning includes:

  • Floors, living areas, Kitchen, bathrooms, Toilets, Laundry
  • General dusting
  • All surfaces
  • You can add more if you have any specific cleaning needs via our option list.
  • General dustine
  • Sweeping and moping the floor
  • Wipe all furniture
  • Dust all surface
  • Toilets, Bathrooms etc please check our full list of inclusion.

It is also refers to as exit clean, end of lease cleaning, Tenancy end of lease, move in/moveout cleaning. We offer bond back guarantee.

This is commonly known as deep clean. You can request for this clean if you have not done your clean for a while or you need your entire house deep clean.                                                                                                                                                

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We strive to make you happy

A House cleaner

Our Cleaning Checklist in Ipswich

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All Rooms


Toilet and Bathroom

  • Clean and Disinfect traffic areas e.g door handles and frames
  • Pick up and straighten
  • Clean  cobwebs (where possible)
  • Dust furniture
  • Vacuum  and mop floors
  • Vacuum bedroom carpets
  • Vacuum stairs (where possible)
  • Vacuum under beds
  • Change linens and make beds
  • Empty dust bin and replace bin liner
  • Ensure all surfaces are dusted thoroughly
  • Disinfect traffic areas
  • Wash all sinks
  • Inside and outside microwave is cleaned
  • Thoroughly clean range top
  • Clean  cabinet doors with damp cloth
  • Dust, clean kitchen counters and exteriors
  • Vacuum Floors
  • Mop Floors
  • Remove dirt and streak from kitchen splashback
  • Outside of the oven clean
  • Fridge exterior wiped and cleaned
  • Clean exterior of the dishwasher
  • Empty all trash containers 
  • Sweep (vacuum) all floors and mop. 
  • Dust all reachable surfaces
  • Clean all surfaces
  • Scrub showers and Tubs
  • Clean Toilets inside and outside
  • Clean basin and all vanities
  • Vacuum and mop hard floor
  • Change Towels
  • Empty Bins and replace bin liners (if available)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about our professional cleaning services

General Questions

The cost depends on the type of cleaning service you want. We based our pricing model on which kind of domestic or office cleaning service you choose. If you wish for specific house areas to be clean, you can select the hourly pricing model, depending on the house’s condition.

Fill the quoting form on this page, click send, and one of our friendly staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Yes, we provide cleaning products/supplies. If you want unique cleaning supplies of your preference, you can offer them, and we will use them.

In the rare event that you are not happy with the cleaning service, please let us know immediately, and we will ensure that the cleaning is rectified at no extra cost.

Our goal is to ensure that we book every clean where possible. We do not offer guarantee for the same day booking but we will do our best to book you in.

No, you don’t have to be at home during the cleaning duration. 

Trem clean do not make any charges until the clean is completed. You will receive an invoice on the day of the  clean but you will be charged after the cleaning task is completed.

No, you can cancel at any time without penalties.  Our cleaning services are contract free. We do ask you to give 24 hours notice before your cancellation.

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