General Cleaning:

  • Cleaning Cobwebs
  • Walls spot clean
  • General ceiling fan cleaning
  • Exhaust fans and air condition cleaning
  • Light switches and light fittings.
  • Internal window cleaning (including tracts and sills)
  • Cupboards and drawers cleaning

Carpets vacuumed and floor mopped

Bathroom Area:

  • Inside and outside cupboards (including drawers)
  • Exhaust fan cleaning
  • Vanity cleaning
  • Shower cleaning
  • Bathroom
  • Internal window cleaning
  • Cleaning mirrors and towel rails
  • window tracks and sill

Kitchen Area:

  • All cupboards and drawers cleaned
  • Sink and tap cleaning
  • Clean splash back area
  • Stove cleaning
  • Oven inside and outside cleaning
  • Rangehold filters cleaning
  • Dishwasher (inside and outside)
  • Floors vacuumed and mopped
  • Internal Windows cleaning
  • Window tract and sills cleaning

Laundry Area:

  • Cleaning drawers and cupboards (both inside and outside)
  • Removing soap residue on a laundry tub
  • Cleaning taps, mirrors, space behind the washing machine, equipment and filters
  • Cleaning windows, walls, doors, doorknobs, etc
  • Floor cleaning


  • All ceiling cleaning
  • External window cleaning
  • Balcony Cleaning
  • Patios Cleaning
  • Removal of hooks from walls, floors and any other areas
  • Removal of stickers from walls, floors or any other areas
  • We don’t remove furniture during our bond cleaning
  • We don’t clean Rubbish bin
  • We don’t remove child safety
  • Drive way Cleaning
  • Garden Cleaning
  • Shower Restoration
  • Renovation
  • Pest Control. We don’t do pest control.
  • Carpet Cleaning. Carpets are generally vacuumed. If you want carpet steam cleaned, you will need to arrange carpet cleaners which are a separate service.
  • Full wall cleaning. We generally spot clean wall as part of our standard bond cleaning (full wall cleaning can be added)


  • Garage wall cleaning is not included.
  • Oil stain removal from garage floor or wall is not included
  • Garage cleaning. As part of our standard bond cleaning, we generally sweep the garage floor.

Stain on Skirting Boards 

The skirting board will generally be clean as part of our bond clean. We don’t guarantee stain removal from skirting boards and doors. Some stains may be due to wear and tear or may be permanent.


Bench Top

The benchtop is thoroughly clean, but we don’t fix wear and tear. We don’t guarantee the removal of permanent stain (discolouration) on the benchtop.


General Discolouration

In general, Trem Clean will do their best to remove tough stains but won’t guarantee that these areas will be restored to their original condition. The availability of excess moisture can make these stains to re-appear again.

However, our cleaning contractors will apply the best cleaning products to ensure that you get the best result. 


General Grout/Tile Cleaning

As part of our bond clean, we will generally clean the whole shower and floor, but we do not specialise in grout cleaning or discoulored tiles. We don’t do general grout cleaning. Complete grout and tile cleaning is not part of our standard bond cleaning services. You may contact a grout specialist, which is a different service.


Cigarette Smoke Damage (Nicotine or Smoke)  

As part of our general and bond cleaning standard, we don’t cover the removal of nicotine staining (or any smoke/smoking-related stain). Removing nicotine stains is not part of our standard cleaning services, which is not part of our guarantee. Staining may remain even after deep cleaning. We don’t offer restoration services.


Wall Cleaning

 Complete wall cleaning is not part of our standard bond cleaning (you can add this service). We do spot cleaning as part of our standard bond cleaning. We do not guarantee removal of permanent stain on the wall (including insect marks) and in general for any of our cleaning services. 



Generally, we will scrub the shower screen and do our best to remove soap scum from the shower. We don’t guarantee ingrained permanent soap scum that can’t be removed, our normal cleaning process. We don’t do shower restoration. If the shower screen is very bad and soap scum cannot be removed after deep cleaning. Removal of soap scum may warrant the services of shower restoration companies. That is a specialized service we don’t provide and is not part of what we cover in our bond cleaning. We will thoroughly clean the bathroom, but we don’t guarantee that we can remove all mould. In the case of stubborn stain and mould, this may warrant the service of specialised mould removal.


Furnished Cupboards and drawers 

We don’t clean cupboards and drawers that are not empty. It would help if you made sure that your cupboards are empty before our cleaning contractors arrive so that all areas are cleaned. 


Dangerous Areas

The safety of our cleaning contractors is important to us. Our cleaners do not clean dangerous areas: e.g. exposed electrical, broken powerpoint (switches), Bio-waste, etc



Our Bond Clean Guarantee Details


We guarantee our bond cleaning service by returning to clean areas within our inclusion list above (if your real estate agent raised any issues with the clean). We must be notified within 72 hours after the clean. These issues must be related to the original clean, and we will free of charge to correct them.

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